Split Range Control

This workshop is designed to allow the operation of split-range control to be explored. The process example used in this workshop is the green liquor temperature process.

Step 1. In the split-range control workspace, change the mode of the splitter block to Auto.

Step 2. Change the splitter SP (setpoint) over the following range: 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100. Observe the changes in the valve positions and process outlet temperature.

Step 3. Change the splitter SP (setpoint) to 50 and wait until the temperature settles to a fixed value.

Step 4. Make a step change in the FEED_TEMP disturbance and manually adjust the splitter setpoint to get the OUT_TEMP back to its initial value.

Step 5. Change the splitter mode to Cascade, change the temperature control setpoint and observe the response.