Feedback Control

This feedback control workshop may be used to explore and become more familiar with many of the concepts that have been introduced in this chapter. The control of a temperature process using the PID block is the example used in this workshop.

Step 1. In the feedback control workspace, set the mode of the PID to Manual using the MODE parameter. Change the PID output using the OUT parameter and observer the process response.

Step 2. Set the PID mode to Auto and change the setpoint using the SP parameter. Observe the process response.

Step 3. Introduce an unmeasured process disturbance by changing the DISTURBANCE input. Observe the impact on the process and the action taken by the PID block to return the temperature to its setpoint.

Step 4. Reduce the PID GAIN by a factor of 2, then repeat steps 2 and 3. Observe the impact of the gain change on the response to setpoint and disturbance changes.